Concert Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

I understand performers must participate in a Dress Rehearsal and two shows at Gardens Theatre (Brisbane) on Saturday 25 November: Dress Rehearsal 10.15am – 1.00pm (Starlets arrive 12.00 noon); Showtimes 2:00 – 4.15pm & 5.30 – 7.45pm.

I understand performers must attend a Concert Run Through at Intrinsic Studios on Saturday 11 November. Each dance genre will have a separate rehearsal time which will be provided in October. (Please also keep Sunday 12 November available in case extra rehearsal time is required).

– Concert Levies are due by 29 September 2023 (with Term 4 Fees).

– Audience tickets at Gardens Theatre will cost $45.00.

– After completion of this form, if I choose to withdraw myself or my child/children from the concert at a later date, NO REFUNDS will be given and all costs are still due in full (at discretion of the Director).

– I agree to budget for one costume per class attended, and understand I am required to pay costume invoices within a two-week timeframe from when costumes are ordered. (In the past, costume costs have averaged around $80.00. We work very hard to find cost efficient costumes, but international delivery fees may contribute towards a higher price.)

– I understand the concert will be filmed and photographed professionally.

– I agree to a strict no film/photography rule during performances and rehearsals due to copyright laws.

– Students must remain in their designated dressing room for the duration of the concert and are not able to watch in the audience.

– Parents/guardians will be asked to supervise in the dressing room or backstage for one rehearsal/show (please understand that      men can only assist in the boys dressing room).

– I understand and accept that fees must be kept in balance for performers to participate in concert events.

– I understand by completing this form, I agree to all terms and conditions listed above.